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Endorsement about GYROTONIC® - Medical Community

GYROTONIC® methodology is an exceptional movement system. It teaches the student to find and understand the support for and functional relationship of the entire body. The body is then able to work as it is designed-- as a functional whole. This is in contrast to other exercise systems, which look at the body as separate with isolated parts, which work these parts individually. This is contrary to Nature’s ways . Health is only achieved through movement, and GYROTONIC® training  helps to restore movement to this contracting culture. Its’ role in rehabilitation as well in general health is profound and must not be underestimated.

Dr. Jill Sanders, Doctor of Osteopathy,
New York City


Our body reveals our character and the way in which we face the world. GYROTONIC® equipment provides tremendous possibilities to assist us in becoming conscious of our body’s structure, and its correlated limitations.  We gently and gradually achieve a new internal equilibrium, breathe new life and emotions into the body, and gain flexibility and strength.  When one reduces muscular and emotional tension, the naturalness and the spontaneity of movement will reveal itself.

Dr Alessandro Vanucci, Specialist
Neurology, Psychiatry, Homeopathy
and Psychotherapy, Italy


I had an opportunity to re-examine a patient who had undergone knee surgery in my clinic, and was utterly surprised to see how good the knee itself and the musculature of the leg were.  The muscular function of the surgically repaired knee was superior to the other side, and the abraded defect of the articular cartilage healed, which shows how effective your training program really is.  I am very impressed with the results obtained so far.

Dr. Jurgen Toft, M.D. Sports Medicine,
Orthopedics Munich, Germany


I believe that these coordinated movements have a beneficial prophylactic effect against low back weakness and pain, and that they can be successfully integrated into a physical rehabilitation program.

Dr. Frank Moore, M.D.
Nuerologist, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY


This system is revolutionary and sets a new model for exercises rehabilitation in the health industry.

Daniel S. Smith, D.C., Chiropractor
Alamo, California


GYROTONIC® exercises work continuously on expansion and elongation, going far beyond any other method of exercising and stretching, however sophisticated it may be. There is a continuous involvement of the supportive musculature of the bone structure that gives you an erect and elegant posture. To create a whole with an economy of movement one achieves through simple or complex motions. Relaxed, yet always energetic!

Dr. Ello Mucho, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Italy


Endorsement about GYROTONIC® - Business Professionals

I discovered the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM as a result of a head injury, which produced paralysis of my left leg and muscular and cognitive damage.  The GYROTONIC® exercises and movements restored and reprogrammed my body and mind into a more harmonious working relationship.  Other benefits of GYROTONIC® Training have been: easier breathing, reduced asthma, decreased allergies, and reduced bowlegged ness.                  

Gus Kirchner 
Retired commercial airline pilot, Indiana 


The ideal corrective for an office job.  It releases my neck and lower back, dissolves pent-up frustration and anxiety, and leaves me feeling light, fit, loose and composed.

Denis Johnston,
Copy Editor,
Sports Illustrated 


Endorsement about GYROTONIC® - Athletes

"For the past 30 years, I have had one goal - to help each of my students reach their full potential in the game of golf. But few golfers ever achieve a level of success equal to the amount of hard work they've put into their game. Often, their lack of success is the result of physical limitations preventing them from performing at a level required to excel. In my experience, conventional strength training, core conditioning, and other fitness disciplines did not result in students achieving their perfect golf swing. These traditional methods are one dimensional and do not address the combination of abilities needed for the correct golf swing. The search to help my students achieve their goals finally led me to Juliu Horvath and GYROTONIC® methodology. GYROTONIC® training gives golfers the best combination of strength, flexibility, and speed - all essential to developing the golf swing to its full potential. When GYROTONIC® training is combined with my unique golf training system, clients of all ages have achieved unbelievable success! My research and experience have brought me to the realization that GYROTONIC® methodology is the perfect compliment for golf."

-David Rasmussen


 It’s great!  Most golfers fight coming up out of the shot, but this strengthening routine works on keeping you in the shot from start to finish. Since I have been paying attention to my posture and flexibility, I have moved from 60th to 30th on the money list in one year.

Andrew Magee,
PGA Tour golfer


By far the most intelligent training system that I have encountered. Many sports require a sequential and integrated movement in the body through space. When the sequence is broken, the end result is affected. Whether throwing a baseball,  or hitting a baseball, golfball or tennis ball, the principles are the same. GYROTONIC® movements facilitate one to not “muscle” the body thru space, where many injuries occur, but to “release” the body thru space, in a connected and sequentially integrated matter. Training the muscles in an isolated way, as most other training systems do, actually inhibits sequential connections in the body rather than support it, as GYROTONIC® training does.... and much, much more.

Matt Aversa,
Athlete and former Professional Pitching Coach


The GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM has completely transformed the way I understand my pitching delivery and how I prepare for each outing during the baseball season.  GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS exercises have improved my body sensitivity and awareness through the introduction of certain concepts such as circular movement, spirals, kinetic chains, spinal health and mobility, hip and shoulder joint health and suppleness, and energetic pathways.  It's a way of taking care of my body by opening up the spine and improving the quality of movements in space, on the baseball field, and in life.  By opening up pathways in my body, both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS practice help my  actions and reactions in baseball to be quicker, smoother, and completely under control.  Ultimately, both of these modalities allow me to enjoy the game in more depth, which is why I keep doing it. 

Brian Henderson,
Pitcher, Tampa Bay Devil Rays


Endorsement about GYROTONIC® - Dancers

GYROTONIC® exercises taught me how to prevent injuries, and has given me a deeper understanding of how everything works together.  I have incorporated the exercises into my daily schedule.  They are the first things I do every morning, and they prepare me both physically and emotionally for the rest of the day.

Dena Abergel,
New York City Ballet 


While recovering from a foot injury, the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM has kept my body strongly connected to organic motion.  Through the intense exploration of repeated movements I have developed a closer relationship with my body and I am better prepared to go back to rehearsal.

Heather Berest,
Paul Taylor Dance Company 


Endorsement about GYROTONIC® - Clients

"I highly recommend GYROTONIC® for anyone who wants to be stronger, more graceful and more connected to their body. The movements can help one connect with their core, allowing for a more flexible spine. It is also very rehabilitative for someone who has had any type of injury. The movements are gentle yet expansive, allowing for a deeper connection and ease of movement."

Dr. Shannon O'Kelly,
Chiropractor and GYROTONIC® client


"GYROTONIC® and Gyrokinesis have reinvigorated my practice as a physical therapist. After 12+ years of practice, I feel as if I have found a tool that I should have been taught while in graduate school (for physical therapy). This movement system gives a person the ability to move their body unlike any other practice that I have come across. Patients that have previously tried and failed with traditional methods of rehab have responded superbly with work in GYROTONIC® and Gyrokinesis! Addressing the body as a whole rather than a part provides a client with more applicable functional knowledge."

Kris McFerren,
Physical Therapist and Certified Instructor in GYROTONIC®


"As an educator and clinical practitioner of bio
mechanics it was a pleasure to see Juliu's expansion Unit demonstrated. The approach is unique and the ergonomic design is superb. The Unit reflects a mind with deep understanding of human locomotor system. It will prove valuable in both rehabilitation and in expansion of the healthy athlete's powers. It develops flexibility, strength and neuro-muscular coordination at the same time."

David C Drum, Chiropractor, Toronto


"It is a system that works continuously on expansion and elongation going far beyond any other method of exercising and stretching, however sophisticated it may be. There is continuous involvement of the supportive musculature of the bone structure, that gives you and erect and elegant posture. Relaxed, yet always energetic!"

Elio Muscbo,
M.D. Sports Medicine, Florence Italy


"As a physical therapist, with 16 years of experience in working with injured bodies I have found the greatest cause of pain & injuries is muscular weakness & imbalances. Most injuries occur in rotational planes of movement or when the body has to quickly change the direction of movement. Interestingly enough, most weaknesses are found at the end range of these rotational planes.

I became very interested in GYROTONIC® since is the one form of exercise that works the body with control & stability through every rotational plane at every joint. It’s base strength comes from core stability which is crucial to stability elsewhere in the body. I have had excellent results in combining the manual skills of physical therapy with the reinforcement of GYROTONIC®. There is no other form of exercise combining resistance through these ranges.

Anne-Marie Trombold, Proformance Rehab
Seattle WA


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